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13 November 2023
Modernising a bespoke 1960s House, Digswell 

Our design to modernise and extend 'Treetops,' a unique ‘upside down’ house built in the 1960s in a woodland garden, has been submitted for planning approval. Working closely with our client, our design respects the vision and spirit of the original and retains and emphasises the ‘upside down’ concept whilst discretley extending the house following the contours of the sloping site.

Digswell News.jpg

24 October 2023

Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield 


The build to extend and remodel a family home in Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield is almost complete.


The project features a large kitchen-diner extension that offers fabulous views of the garden and local nature reserve beyond.  The roof of the property has been converted and extended to create an additional bedroom; externally the twin gable facade is clad in timber, and in between a glazed link houses a large family bathroom which enjoys views of landscape and sky.

Holtspur News.jpg

7 August 2023
Woodside Close, Beaconsfield - Planning Approval Granted


Following a successful planning application, work is due to commence on the detailed design of our project in Woodside Close, Beaconsfield.  The design features a series of new additions and the reworking of previous extensions to create a more spacious and free-flowing home with connections to a newly landscaped garden and a bespoke covered outdoor Quincho.

Woodside 8.jpg

2 June 2023
Bedfordshire House features in Architects' Journal 

We're delighted that Architects' Journal, the UK's leading professional architecture magazine, has run a news feature on  'Bedfordshire House' gaining planning approval.  To read the article go to: 

Architects' Journal website.
Alternatively, click here to view the pdf.

Barnfield 1.jpg

23 March 2023

Passive House, Bedfordshire - Planning Approval Granted

Our proposal for a highly sustainable, exemplar, timber-framed house in the Central Bedfordshire greenbelt has gained planning approval. Set amongst the mature trees of the outstanding site, the design capitalised on Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework to gain approval, with the Planning Officer reporting:


… the standout and innovative design of the proposed dwelling …. would therefore comply with the requirements of Paragraph 80 of the NPPF in that it would present exceptional design quality of the highest architectural standards and would enhance the immediate setting and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.”

Barnfield 5.jpg

12 January 2023

Transformation of an out-dated Bungalow, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted


Our proposal to transform an out-dated 1970s bungalow has been granted planning approval.


Designed to reuse much of the original structure, the scheme extends and reorganises the spatial arrangement of the existing linear-shaped house - both upwards and outwards - to create a contemporary two storey home which will feature a series of enclosed courtyard gardens, generous glazing and timber shading.

Firwood 1.jpg

19 December 2022

Remodelling and Extension, Beaconsfield


Our design to remodel and extend a large family house in Beaconsfield has been submitted for planning approval.  The design features a series of new additions and the reworking of previous extensions to achieve a unified, mid-century house with improved building fabric and renewable energy sources.

Woodside 1.jpg

3 November 2022

New House, Bedfordshire


We are thrilled to be appointed to design a sustainable, contemporary house on an outstanding site in rural south Bedfordshire. The house will replace an existing dwelling that has exceeded its lifespan.

Barnfield 1.jpg

8 September 2022

Foxcroft, St Albans - On site


Our project to remodel, extend and improve the thermal performance of a suburban home in St Albans is progressing well with the terrazzo floor laid and the installation of the timber lined circular rooflight complete.

Foxcroft 1.jpg
Foxcroft 2.jpg

1 August 2022

Lyndon Mead, Sandridge - On site


Our project to modernise and extend a 1970s house in Sandridge is nearing completion, with timber staining to the external wood and internal finishes to be completed by the end of the month.

Lyndon Mead 1.jpg

8 July 2022
Extension and Remodelling, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted

We're delighted that planning approval has been granted to extend and remodel a family home on Hatfield Road, St Albans. The design features a two storey rear extension that will replace the existing conservatory, conversion of the garage into a playroom / guest bedroom, thermal improvements throughout, and a garden studio for work and study.

Hatfield Road.jpg

1 April 2022

Substantial remodel of a 1970s Bungalow, St Albans

Our design to extensively transform an out-dated bungalow located in a suburban neighbourhood in St Albans has been submitted for planning.  

Located on a corner plot, the existing house is narrow in plan and is set back from the building line of its neighbours. Our design proposes to extend the house upwards and outwards, reintroducing it to the streetscape whilst utilising as much of the existing structure as possible.
The contemporary design features an extended plan creating a series of enclosed courtyard gardens, generous glazing and timber shading devices. Flat roofs will be topped with wildflower meadows, reinforcing the desired close relationship between house and garden. The proposal embeds environmental design and incorporates green technologies to transform the existing into a modern house for a greener future.


12 January 2022

Modernisation of a 1960s House, Beaconsfield - Planning Approval Granted

Our design to extend and remodel a family home in Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield has been granted planning approval. In addition, the design features a landscape strategy incorporating a series of structures - garden studio, workshop and individual terraces - that will provide varied qualities of openness and enclosure in which to enjoy the garden and the superb views of Holtspur Bank Nature Reserve beyond.

Beaconsfileld Terracing reva.jpg

9 November 2021

New Photographs of Alderley Court, Berkhamsted

We were delighted to visit our recently completed project in Berkhamsted to take photographs of the internal reconfiguration, lined with bespoke ash joinery.


To view our new project page click here

Alderley 05a.jpg

18 October 2021

Corringham Court features in this month's Dwell Magazine

Dwell is a leading magazine showcasing modern homes worldwide and this month we are thrilled the magazine has featured our project Corringham Court in St Albans.  The article features in-depth interviews with our client and project Director Simon.

To read the article go to:
Dwell - Corringham Court, Feneley Studio
Alternatively, click here to view the pdf

Corringham Court Magazine Front Page.jpg

20 September 2021

George Street, Berkhamsted

Our design to remodel and extend a terraced cottage in the 'Berkhamsted Conservation Area' has been granted planning approval.  The design rationalises the internal spaces to meet the demands of modern family life and includes a single-storey rear extension which steps into the rear garden and leads to a timber pergola, establishing a relationship between the house and garden.

George Street Section.jpg

13 July 2021
New Photographs of Corringham Court, St Albans

We are delighted that photographers Hufton and Crow have taken fanatastic photographs of our residential remodelling and extension project in Corringham Court, St Albans. To view a selection, click here.

Feneley Studio_Corringham Court 11.jpg

12 May 2021

Transforming a Mid-century Suburban Home, St Albans

The design to remodel, extend and improve the thermal performance of this 1950s suburban house, one of a cluster of six houses of a similar style, has been submitted for planning approval.


Respectful of the original house, the design draws on the house’s mid-century origins and features a single storey rear extension and a first floor side extension that will provide an additional bedroom and shower room. The original facade will be externally insulated and clad in timber boarding, replacing the original cedar shingles.


The remodelling of the ground floor will create a generous kitchen, dining and sitting area with a large island block forming the centrepiece.  The rear brick extension, staggered in plan, will form a raised planter and gateway into the garden. New  landscaping will feature raised planters to integrate with the rear extension and provide variation in planting setting and opportunities to gather and sit. ‘Floating’ timber benches are proposed as part of this integrated design.

Foxcroft - St Albans.jpg

31 March 2021

Reworking a 1960s House, Beaconsfield

We are currently working up designs for remodelling a late1960s property in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.  Working closely with our client, the design features opening up and extending the ground floor to take advantage of spectacular views towards the Holtspur Bank Nature Reserve. 


As part of the project, we will be developing a landscape design in response to the dramatic change in level across the site. A series of structures - garden studio, workshop and individual terraces - will provide varied qualities of openness and enclosure in which to enjoy the garden.


The roof of the property will be converted and extended to provide a twin gable facade, clad in timber with additional bedroom accommodation. A glazed link will house a large, private family bathroom which will benefit from the beautiful view of landscape and sky.

Beaconsfield Rear View.jpg

30 March 2021

Remodelling and Extension to a 1970s House, Sandridge


Our design to remodel and extend this detached 1970s house respects the original house design and includes a single storey flat roof rear extension which will create a new family living area with framed views of the garden. Clad in dark stained vertical timber boarding, the proposed meadow-topped extension references the dark coloured tiles of the original house, providing a modern addition to this family home. 



27 January 2021

Home Office Garden Studios


With the pandemic meaning many people are now working from home, we have been commissioned to develop several designs for home offices.  


We were delighted to be reacquainted with one of our very first clients in west London and have designed them a bespoke Home Office Garden Studio. The structure, which tapers in plan following the triangular shaped garden, features a timber and glass screen to provide flexible levels of privacy and solar shading to the timber lined interior. 


In St Albans, we have just completed a Home Office Garden Studio (shown below) which integrates a car port into the structure.  The home office is fully insulated and is clad in black stained larch. Internally, the design features bespoke natural plywood desks, bookcases that wrap around the room, a birch ply floor, and an oriel window seat which provides a framed view back towards the main house.

Home Office St Albans.jpg

20 December 2020

Remodelling & Extension, Harpenden

Our design to remodel and extend a semi-detached house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire maximises the available space to create a more efficient layout and features a new kitchen, separate utility and a side extension for a home office.


Located within the Harpenden Conservation Area, the side extension will use handmade red bricks to match the existing house and will be complemented by a stacked plain tile detail surrounding a new oriel window.

Sun Lane Harpenden.jpg

11 November 2020

New House, East Hertfordshire 

Our design for a contemporary new house in East Hertfordshire has been submitted for planning approval.

New House Hertfordshire.jpg

8 September 2020

Remodelling & Extension, Berkhamsted                                            


Our project to modernise this family home in Berkhamsted is nearing completion.  This hillside house has been extensively remodelled throughout to achieve flexible living, with a much improved relationship with its surroundings. The removal of cellular rooms and walls now give way to ash lined walls that divide the ground floor into four distinct zones. These walls conceal storage, cloakroom and utility facilities, allowing the main spaces to generously flow around the building.


The rear elevation has been modified to ease transition into the garden and provides a balance to the steep roof and windows above.


The house also incorporates generous bathroom and storage facilities to the upper level, with a new staircase.

Berkhamsted house Feneley Studio.jpg
Berkhamsted house renovation Feneley Stu

9 July 2020

Extension, St Albans                                                       


Our project to remodel and extend this early twentieth villa has started on site with stripping out already complete and excavation underway. 

Blandford Road

3 July 2020

Green End Gardens, Boxmoor


With easing of the lockdown, it was great to be able to visit our project in Green End Gardens to take photographs of the completed extension and remodelling works.

Green End Gardens 1

3 June 2020

Mews, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted   

We are delighted that our design proposal for a mews of three houses on a prominent city centre site in St Albans has been granted planning permission. The site is located behind a large period property with a substantial garden, part of which will be developed.

Prospect Road.jpg

4 May 2020

Remodelling & Extension, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted

Our design to remodel and extend a two-storey semi-detached house in Paxton Road, St Albans has gained planning approval. The site, a locally listed building situated within the London Road Conservation Area, required a careful design approach to extend the property.  The design features single storey side and rear extensions that create a generous sized kitchen-diner which connects to the garden. An attic conversion with roof lights to front and rear will create a flexible work-space for home-working and family study.

Paxton Road.jpg

19 March 2020

Extension to a 1960s House - Planning Approval Granted

Our design to extend and remodel this individual 1960s house in Hertfordshire has been granted planning approval. The two-storey side extension will provide a new kitchen-diner, with a generous ensuite master bedroom above; both rooms will enjoy views of the establised front and back gardens.

Site Plan.jpg

13 February 2020

Townhouse on Site - Progress Photograph

The project to remodel and extend this 1970s townhouse is nearing completion, with the sunken living room and kitchen finished.

Corringham Court 3

10 February 2020 

Remodelling & Extension, Crouch End - Planning Approval Granted 

We’re delighted to receive planning approval to redesign and extend a ground floor apartment in Crouch End which will convert it from a two-bed to a three-bedroom family home.

Crouch End cropped.jpg

6 January 2020

We’ve Moved!

Feneley Studio has recently moved to a new office at 3B London Road, St Albans, AL1 1LA.  We’ve been busy designing and setting up the new space and are thrilled with the result!

Feneley Studio Office.jpg

19 December 2019

Extension to a 1960s House

The design to extend this detached house, on a generous corner plot, has been submitted for planning approval.  The proposed two-storey side extension, with connecting roof to a new carport,  is part of a site-wide masterplan for the house in a newly landscaped setting. The entire house will be highly insulated and will receive an external render finish as part of the energy conscious remodel and upgrade.

New Barnes 1.jpg

2 November 2019

Mews Development

Our proposal for a mews of three houses in a prominent city centre location has been submitted for planning.

Prospect Road

24 October 2019

70s Townhouse - On Site

The project to remodel and extend a 1970s townhouse in Hertfordshire is currently on site and progressing well. As shown above, the design features a sunken living room extension to the rear, which will provide an ‘in-between’ space between the original house and the garden below. 


15 October 2019

Green End Gardens - Nearing Completion

Our project to remodel and extend this family home is nearing completion - we will be taking photographs of the finished project soon!

Green End Gardens

23 September 2019

New Commission

We are thrilled to be working on extending and remodelling an individual 1960s home in Hertfordshire. Initial designs are currently being developed further with the intention of submitting the scheme for planning in December.

View 24.jpg

20 August 2019

House Renovation & Extension, Chiswick - Out to Tender

Following planning approval earlier in the year, our project to remodel and extend this house is now out to tender and will be starting on site this autumn.


18 June 2019

Villa Extension, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted

We are delighted that planning permission has been granted to remodel and extend this early twentieth villa. The design features a large kitchen-diner overlooking the garden, whilst the exterior will be clad with zinc to create a modern, yet sympathetic addition to the period property’s red brickwork.

Blandford Road

26 April 2019

Modernising a 60s Bungalow, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted

Our project to refurbish, remodel and extend a 1960s bungalow in St Albans has been granted planning permission. A new pale grey render finish, aluminium framing and feature timber detailing will transform the exterior of the property, whilst the interior will receive a new attic floor and flexible open-plan living arrangement.

Lancaster Road

23 March 2019

Interior Re-design, St Albans - Planning Approval Granted

Our design to make interior and exterior improvements to a two-storey terraced cottage located in the Sandridge Conservation Area has been granted planning permission. The scheme will sensitively update the house, reorganising living spaces using bespoke joinery and a limited palette of materials and colours, to create light and spacious living with additional roof lights incorporated. Externally, at the rear of the house, black stained vertical timber cladding will be used to unify the exterior.

Sandridge Road 1
Sandridge Road 2
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