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Avenue Road


Alterations and Extension to a Locally Listed building 

Avenue Road is a prominent road in St Albans which falls within the St Peter’s Park and Marlborough House Estate Conservation Area.  Many of the houses are Locally Listed including our site which is a large detached red brick property dating from late nineteenth century.


The client’s brief called for improvements in the relationship between house and garden, the introduction of more natural daylight, enhanced thermal performance, and an improved layout with spaces to accommodate larger family gatherings and smaller, private areas for quiet contemplation.  


Working within the constraints of the conservation requirements, our design focuses on the internal reorganisation of the rear ground floor leading to a single storey extension that forms a new kitchen-diner to the rear of the house. Positioned discreetly, so as not to be visible from the street, the extension has an organic plan form with a garden focus providing new connections and views including the creation of a new smaller garden space from a forgotten strip at the side of the house.


Pre-weathered zinc is proposed to the walls and roof of the new extension which will relate well to the original house, complementing the facing brickwork and clearly defining old and new chapters of the house.

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