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Blandford Road

Conversion of an existing garage into a garden studio & carport 

As part of the extension and refurbishment of Blandford Road, we converted the existing garage, largely retaining as much of the existing structure as possible, to create a garden studio / home office and a separate, concealed storage area.  


Externally insulated and finished with black stained larch boards, the building references the black zinc of the new house extension. Vertical and horizontal slats of larch cladding extend out to the side to enclose a new carport structure with an automatic sliding gate to the private road to the rear. 

A larch screen facing the garden forms a trellis for plants to grow, with the intention of merging building and landscape.

Internally, plywood lined walls and bespoke plywood desks and bookcases bring a warm hue to the space. The incorporation of a rooflight introduces additional daylight and solar gain. An oriel window frames the view back to the house and provides a comfortable reading seat.

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