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Holtspur Top Lane
Reworking a 1960s house

Extending and remodelling this family home in Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield will optimise opportunities for indoor / outdoor living, whilst opening up the house towards the spectacular views of Holtspur Bank Nature Reserve.


The ground floor redesign reorganises the spaces and extends the property to provide a family kitchen and dining room across the back of the house, taking full advantage of the countryside aspect. Large panels of sliding glass allow this space to merge on to an upper terrace which will extend to a covered terrace area for summer dining. Moveable sliding timber screens will provide layers of shading to the exposed areas of glass, reducing solar gain during the warmer months and creating a play of light to the interior space.

Landscaping is integral to the project. With a dramatic change in level across the site, a series of steps and planted terraces lead down to lower levels. A subterranean workshop will link to a secluded garden studio for work / music.


The existing roofscape is radically remodelled to the rear to achieve a balanced rear facade and to provide framed views of surroundings. A family bathroom will be located within the 'glazed valley' between the two gables that will become generous sized bedrooms. 


In addition, the existing building will receive additional layers of insulation to improve energy ratings with stained timber boarding as a finish layer across the new and existing elements of the house.

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