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Bedfordshire Passive House
Replacing a house in the Greenbelt

Our design for a sustainable, contemporary house on an outstanding site in rural south Bedfordshire has gained planning permission. Detailed design is underway, with a start on site planned for autumn 2023.


The house, located on Greenbelt land, capitalised on Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework in gaining approval with the Planning Officer describing the scheme as “standout and innovative.”


In designing the house, the common concept of enclosed rooms was waived in favour of a series of spaces that open on to the rural surroundings, articulated by three principle walls that organise the house.  


With a linear plan form, the house plan is composed of a cluster of mostly single-storey, mono-pitched structures. Each cluster will provide a function, either private or flexible family spaces. These will be connected by a corridor that runs along the east-west axis, and alongside a central courtyard, which will provide good daylight levels and shelter.


Built in timber-frame, and clad in charred timber, the house will embrace the south-facing site to ensure that all rooms receive good daylight levels, passive solar gain and superb views of the surrounding countryside;  woodland, fields and distant valley.  


A series of small gardens, terraces and the introduction of water close to the house, will provide manageable garden projects with the wider, natural landscape extending beyond.

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